Friday, May 22, 2015

A Busy Knife Wife

Last year we started a company called Terzuola Tactical.  The purpose of this was for my husband Bob to spend less time standing at his machines. When he turned 70, and had back fusion surgery he no longer could work the hours he had for 40 years. He'd had lots of design ideas, so now was the time to start making them. First would be to redesign his ATCF so that it was a "flipper", with a 3.5" blade. This complies with most US states knife laws. Second would be a tool in the shape of his dragon logo.  Having other people water jet cut, or CnC has been the bugaboo.  Except for our local water jet man Michael.  Thank goodness for him!

ATCF-EDC prototype

ATCF EDC Prototype
ATCF EDC parts

This year we have a booth at the Blade Show in Atlanta.  Some of the things we will have besides the ATCF EDC (every day carry) prototype are: sticker packs, danger tags in handmade and printed paper sleeves, Terzuola Beads, the dragon tool, patches, t-shirts, and the CRKT first edition knives. And much much more! In the next few days I will post all of our swag.
Danger tags and handmade paper sleeves I printed myself with the dragon logo.

Blue anodized titanium dual action opener
Our tool came out beautifully. We are very proud of it. The one in the photo is Titanium. We also have them in Stainless steel for the show only, as well as blackened Zirconium, and "dragon's blood red" Cerakote edition.  I'll show more before the show.  We've been told that this is the best looking and working one on the market!

My desk with several of our original stickers.

I have been a busy knife wife. My focus at Blade will be to find CnC machine shops that are ready and able to make our tools and knives, that want a long working relationship. Without dependable machine shops none of this will be possible.  We have cut our teeth on this issue, and look forward to working together.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day--NOT

Barcelona 2013- my daughter wrote this in the sand

Today I am staying away from all the social media sites, and TV.  I can't take it. All the Mothers Day goodness, gooey flowers and family togetherness.  Why? Because I did not have this kind of mother. My mother was more interested in Vodka than me. Her mother the same. Susie #1 didn't have a drinking problem, she had a problem with her daughter's drinking. For the 6 generations in my family there has been NO mother daughter relationships.
When this photo was taken, I thought the curse was finally broken.
At some point in adulthood all the women in our family "break up" with their mothers. My daughter, I am sad to say- did the same.  She does not have a daughter, she has a son. And he has done the same to her. At 14 he decided to go live with his grandparents.

my daughter and her son-little did she know what would come down her road
I have said "there is a curse" on our family. People laugh. But I believe it to be true. Not the kind some Disney witch conjures. Alcohol and drugs, and their effects on the generations, all 6. Years of therapy and 12 step meetings gave me a new perspective on my family.
Practicing driving in Grandma's car.
In 2013 my daughter and I came home from a two week vacation together. During this time my grandson had moved out of her house and into his other Grandparents house. Devastating for her and our family. It broke our family in pieces. Since then she has vanished from her son's life and ours.  
What I have learned about my daughter and grandson's lives after that, broke me. It carved two bleeding ulcers into my stomach.  

I had to let go to save myself. I couldn't save them from drugs and alcohol, and the poor choices that go with addiction. I have begun the rebuilding process without them. Moved into the acceptance stage of grief.  I still have my son in my life. He's been put in an untenable position. Trying to keep a relationship with his sister, who bailed on him, and me...who never will.  He walks on eggshells with her, because he like me, knows about this family curse.  And none of us knew when it would strike, until after it did. 
a cherished mother son bike ride

All you people who have in tact families. You are the lucky ones. I look at you in awe, and wonder how you do it.  Our family could not.  Remember that when you say Happy Mothers Day to my own mother. NOT everyone has a Happy Mothers Day.

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xo Suz

Friday, April 17, 2015

Only The Good...

New sticker will be ready for Blade.

Life has been off the hook busy with all good things! We started a new company: "Terzuola Tactical." I have been busy designing all sorts of goodies that we will have ready at our Blade Show booth #1046 in June. I'll be posting some of these as we get closer. It's exciting! Many vendors to deal with, such as waterjet cutters, CnC machines, laser etching, and many other talented makers. In fact I realize I live in a world of makers. People who use machines, or their hands to earn a living. It's the best world for me.
Young Walter when his tail was coming in.

I had to share a recent loss with you. I have posted so many photos of my chickens over the years. I started raising the Swedish Flower breed just over 3 years ago. They are excellent layers, and come in a variety of colors. I have about 12 of them. We kept one rooster, and called him Walter.  When we had the Merek's disaster due to ordering other non inoculated birds from Wingshadows Hacienda, none of the Swedish were affected because they had been inoculated. However Walter went blind in one eye.
More young Walter...he would get to be 2 1/2 ft. tall

Roosters can be very difficult. I am sure you have heard stories of them attacking people. Here is the rooster "theory of mind." They want two things: to mate with the hens, and keep all other suiters or roosters away from their women.  My practice has been to bring hand held food with me when I let the birds out every morning. This way even the roosters associate me with food.  There have been a few roosters that saw me as a threat no matter what. But Walter never.
Favorite all time picture. What are these hens saying?!

Last night I found him slumped over in the yard. He'd made his transition to the big hen house somewhere. Roosters don't live as long as hens. Their hearts beat faster. They are basically in fight or flight mode for their entire lives. Walter had about 20 hens in his flock. He made sure all their eggs were fertile. :-) They say only the good die young. He was that. When I go out to feed and water the flock this morning, his crow will be missed. There will be a shake up in the flock. I keep my 2 banty roosters in a smaller coop. We'll see if one of those boys decides to move in with the "big girls."

Walter, I will miss you and your gentle manner with me and your hens. You were not only beautiful, but a great flock master. Thanks for all the joy you brought to us.  I can still see you running to me from across the yard. Long tail feathers bouncing up and down as you ran.  I have several drawings of this photo. This summer I will make an edition of prints of this wonderful moment I captured on film. You will always be in our hearts.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Must Love Cookies

Sam was given these beautiful handmade skull cookies for Valentines Day.  I can personally say they were delicious!  Thanks to Joan!

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xo Suz


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ninja Bones

Sam was so excited to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony today at Ninja Park in Albuquerque.
Josh Kronberg and Garrett Takach built the obstacles themselves. Josh is a 4  time America Ninja Warrior contestant, and tester for the Ninja Warrior Show final competition course.  Ninja Park has something for everyone of all ages. Check them out at:  Josh, Garrett, and Jessica are marvelous athletes!!
Josh and Garret cut the ribbon.

Here are some links to Josh's American Ninja Warrior experience:
What has impressed Bob and me the most, is that each time Josh has been on the show and not made it to #1, he's been inspired to learn from his experience. His determination and resilience give us the courage to try again in our own lives.

When we left today,  the kids ages 5-8 were participating in  an obstacle course designed for their age. All through the day today there are different age categories competing, and this evening the adults have their hard core competition. We  couldn't stay all day, but wanted to.  And for families who have kids, this is a family venue.  Josh's wife, kids, and family as well as Garrett's family were all there helping out.  It took a lot of heart and hard work to bring this vision to completion.  We were thrilled to be there and see it all, and see the excitement of the participants.

Their address is 2420 Comanche. Just off I25. 505-883-9203.

Best to all of you at Ninja Park. Thanks for having Sam!  She wants to come back and try some of the other obstacles.

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xo, Suz....and Sam


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Double Skeleton Love

Sam and Sam2 are up in the studio posing, and will be out in the hood this weekend at a ninja gym.
copyright 2015 polkadot magpie

Sam also has an Instagram  account: sam_the_skeleton! 

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Terzuola Cecchini CT-3 Knife Collaboration

We came home from the SHOT show in Las Vegas last Sunday. CRKT produced Bob's 70th birthday knife. Our first piece with them, the BT-70.  We spent lots of time at their booth.  Then there was the TKI (Tactical Knife Invitational) on Saturday night. It was a busy week for this knife wife.

We flew home on Sunday with Gus Cecchini of GTC knives so that he and Bob could finish their collaboration. This is their 3rd collaboration. Gus did some CnC work at his shop in Brazil. Shipped parts and carried parts to New Mexico.  I left them alone during the day so they could work. Bob made Gus breakfast and lunch daily.  Gus IS the only knife maker and designer that my husband really admires. They work together really well. Listening to old cowboy songs on Pandora as they profile and grind and assemble. 

We did go out a few times and one day it was warm enough for me to put the top down in my car for a chilly ride home from the bank!  We got to see the movie "American Sniper" together. Great film.

The last night Gus was here I made a typical American turkey dinner. We invited Lucas Burnley, and Richard Rogers. Sitting at the table, and listening to them talk about their work, the knife biz, and their plans for the future. I told them all this when we were together. They are the next generation of Terzuola, Lake, and Walker. Innovation, design, and dedication to their craft is their world. Each coming to it with their own personalities and style. Sitting at a table with that much talent is a lesson in humility. 
Terzuola, Cecchini, Burnley, and Rogers in Bob's shop.

I asked them to point their blades together. Silly picture!

Each knife was marked with CECCHINI/TERZUOLA CT-3.  All have sold. They are truly beautiful. Gus designed a new flipper mechanism that is like a trigger lever, so there isn't the ugly hook that most flippers have. This gives a flipper knife grace and balance. 

Terzuola and Cecchini 2015 CT-3
Bye for now Gus. We hope to have you back soon. Bob loves working together, and the work shows it!

Each day is a gift, open now.