Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden Update 6/28/10

 Blurry iPhone photo, sorry

When I first conceived the idea of the garden out back, I could see the gate.  Well, the gate has finally happened.  I bought the straightest lumber I could find, all treated.  Gave Bob my rough drawing.  As usual he measured and cut the perfect piece to fit the space.  The man is used to working with steel.  Dog eared fencing is rough cut.  Trying to get things to line up about drove the man crazy.  Of course I wanted a heart shaped peek hole cut out...which meant more headaches for Bob.  But it's up.  Andy helped Bob hang it. Now all I do is unhook the spring loaded eye hook to get in.  What I could not conceive was creatures, wind, temps near 100 for weeks in late May and early June, and the cost.
The view at sunset

We have had horrendous wind storms which ravaged the peppers and tomatoes. I lost 90% of the pepper bed, and melons.  Yesterday I could see that something was chewing what was left of the melon bed...meaning a rabbit.  No rain for almost 2 months, and 100 degree temps have turned my green thumb black and blue.  I said that this year out there would be a beta test.  I think some of the dirt delivered has problems.  My seedlings pop their heads up, grow 5 new leaves and then turn crisp.  Chicken wire over the fencing will have to be added .  Bob put shade/wind fabric on the entire south side.  Everything I learned about farming and gardening in the Midwest is useless here in New Mexico.  Bob has helped as much as he can, and I am so grateful for his shop skills.
xo Honey!!
Andy helped hang the gate.  I believe he thinks I'm certifiable.  But he continues to help us in any way he can. 

I will add more photos when I's been a humbling process to say the least.
 Please forgive the blurry iPhone photos.  Better ones to come!

Thanks for reading. I'm still amazed that you do.