Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hands For Japan

Hands For Japan $30.00

In the wake of Japan's tragedy,  I have listed many items in my shop that  I donate proceeds to the Red Cross for Aid to Japan.  I have sold 4 hand prints in 24 hours.  It feels good to give something when I sit watching the television and feel so powerless.  I hope to sell more soon.  It's so easy through Paypal or the Red Cross to donate money on line.  I provide the seller with the receipt from the Red Cross when I donate.

These items are all printed on Japanese Paper, and literally from my "state proof"  drawer.  It was a thrill to unearth these beauties from my book "The Book of Hands" that I bound using Japanese binding style.  This book was back in the day when I thought I would live forever, so why keep anything for myself, was my mindset.   I've wised up, and have a drawer in my big flat file for my kids to distribute among themselves.  The 3 books I made were bought by Powell's in Chicago, the Newberry Library, and a private collector.
Cover of "Book of Hands"

I think I will be out of these hands soon. I just don't have a lot. So making a small watercolor or pen and ink drawing every day will be manageable when I have sold them all.  I do love hands, and collect them.  Somehow "Hands for Japan" has caught on in the handmade community.  I photographed them so fast at the time. So my pictures were not dead on, or lit well, and there was some camera shake. Of course huge magazines have contacted me asking for high resolution clear better pictures.  So I am going to reshoot the ones I have not shipped tomorrow.  A new tripod is in my immediate future.

"The direct proportion of your actions will come up the road to meet you."--Jimmy Hodges
I gave open handed to Japan with what little I have.  Before I could put my head on my pillow that night, I was rewarded with magazine coverage.  Amazing, but not surprising.  Lesson learned :-)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Update

This morning I received an email from Michael at the Verne Gallery. 
"Takuji is fine."   YAY!!!!!!!   Thanks for all your words and prayers. 
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