Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Hanukkah

It's early in the morning on Christmas Eve.  Tonight we will have a turkey dinner for friends who have no family here, or are alone this year.  My Etsy shop orders kept me busy until the last minute.  I tried to shoot a photo for our card, but it proved harder to get a photo of a  chicken in a santa hat than I anticipated.  :-)  It's been an exciting year.
Roma 2011
We got the chickens, which now number 23 hens.  The "coop mahal" was built and is working very well in the unseasonably cold weather we are having.  Travel was plenty with our trip to the National Parks and "home" to Rome for an extended stay.   We lost two elderly cats Francesca, and Columbo.  I spent 6 months in a cast with a broken foot. But now it's almost 100% and I am up and running.  For this I am extremely grateful.  My first walk around the block felt like a gift last week.
Bob and Fausto meet for the first time.
Last week I found 2 kittens as a gift for Bob for Christmas.  He missed sleeping with a cat in the bed.  And technically, they are to be his kittens.  I searched for a long time for a kitten who would "purr on contact."  The local shelters all got to know me well.  One ended up calling me last weekend to say she knew of 4 kittens that I would like, that would be available that day.  We got two 12 week old street cats.  Short haired, male, long bodied balls of purring fur.  One is named "Fausto" and the other "Figaro."  They are extremely friendly, and social.  Just what I was looking for.
Fausto and Figaro their first morning in our bed.
I also found out recently that my Grandmother from England was a Jew.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a latke party every year, and have lit a menorah on Hanukkah most of my adult life.  I am proud to be a Jew, if only by heritage.  Just as I was delighted to know I was a tiny bit black.  All of this was a family secret kept well hidden.  I continue to pursue our true genealogy in hopes of solving some other mysteries.  I feel a book is on the horizon telling the story of my Father's true father. Which looks to be a man we know as "Uncle Gus" who came to visit my Grandparents for 2 weeks.  He stayed for 22 years!!!  I imagine it's a long story.

Francesca and Columbo: their last photo together.
So tonight when I light the candles on our dinner table, I will be lighting our menorah.  My daughter and grandson arrive this week.  We will have our first latkes, and matzoh ball soup together.  I really look forward to celebrating all of my heritage with my kids. 
Columbo from Hanukkah's past
I wish you all a Happy Christmas, Beautiful Hanukkah, and a fantastic New Year!
Our tree from 2008. We decided not to get a tree this year with kittens.

Thanks for reading.  Each day is a gift, open now.