Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day: I ♥♥♥ You!

February 14th is a date some people love, and others loathe.  It's a reminder for those who are in a relationship, and Hallmark taps them on the shoulder.  People who are still looking or wanting a relationship it can be a painful reminder that they are single.  For those single looking in the window of the couples world it seems idyllic.  The couples looking out may envy the freedom of their family and friends who are single.  Perspective is everything.  Where ever you are on this continuum, I wish you love.  When I was single I bought myself something small like a bouquet of my favorite flowers, or bath salts for a long soak in the tub.  A gift to myself felt good.  Plus I always get what I want, because I know what I like. 

As a kid I loved making valentine mail boxes at school.  I preferred to make my own valentines.  Victorian images from days of old were my favorites.  I was sad when all I got was a cartoon character store bought valentines.  Now, I don't even think kids exchange valentines at school.  I asked my little sister if she ever made valentines, and she gave me a blank stare.  She said they have never exchanged valentines.  I usually bake roll out cookies, or some traditional shape for the day.  I give myself the gift of that also.  Last year I baked cupcakes with a friend.  On February 14, I'll post those photos.  It was fun!

Over the years, Bob has carved me jade hearts: lavender, green, black, and a lapis one.  I wear them all together on a chain.  And I have a special tiny one that was his Mother's.  They all look great together.  And I am reminded of when he gave them to me.  

For my shop I made a few items.  Below are pictures of them. I paired with another Etsy seller to embellish my birds with red, pink, purple and black enamel hearts.  I secretly don't want the black hearts to sell out , as I want one for me.  And I used some exotic knife scraps for hearts. 

Horny Heart!


Black heart with titanium bird

Valentine ad

Now I have to go fill orders.  The meteorite has been a huge seller.  I called it the "out of this world" heart.  How many people do you know who have something that was careening toward Earth and that could be thousands, millions of years old.  I raided Bob's drawers, and took his only piece.  More hearts today.

Thanks for reading.  I'm still amazed that you do.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh the Milan Knife Show

My favorite knife show to go to is the Milan show.  It's held Thanksgiving weekend every November.  The weather is always cold, wet, and dark.  But the people warm me up.  This year we really had fun, both at the show and after the show.  Our Italian friends made sure of that!  For those who have never been to Milano it's a fashion mecca.  I love to go to the small boutiques and see what the latest designers are showing.  There are many Etsy sellers there.  I found one.
The people of Milan understand design.  Form and function rules.  This year purple was everywhere.  What I mean is that men were wearing purple.  I would count the purple sweaters in a cafe or in the show room.  I never thought to take photos...bad magpie.  So this post will be mostly pictures of our time there.  The moment we got in a taxi from the train we saw a giant pink shoe on top of a car.  The show pictures, and some of knives (my iPhone didn't have enough light for many). Exhibitors from South Africa to New Hampshire. Our evening in a tiny village outside of Milan. Our day with our friends Libe and Fausto shopping, eating fabulous pizza, at the "Castle" and their lovely home.  Lastly, our dinner with "the boys" that Fausto arranged.  We had a tremendous visit.  Take a look.

Above are photos of our train ride and the giant pink pump driving through Milano.

Above are Brazilian knives, and Italian knives. We had dinner with Bernini...not "THE" Bernini. :-)

Above the restaurant Saverio and Roberto took us to.  We also were let into a 14th century private chapel  that was being was lit by flashlight for the pictures.

To the left good friends: Howard Hitchmough from NH, Lynda Horn from South Africa, Bob, Des Horn from South Africa, Virginia Lee Miller from NH, Simon Lytton from London.  Frank Centefonte's award prestentation.

On Monday we went to the Castle in Milano, shopping, pizzas for lunch, and a dinner with knife nuts from Switzerland and Italy.  A brief stop at Fausto and Libe's home for some kitty and chinchilla love!

That is an asparagus pizza with a fried egg in the middle!

An Etsy seller's shop on Left.
Bob getting some chinchilla love on the right!♥♥♥♥
Dinner with some knife nuts arranged by Fausto.  For those of you who have been on the USN forums:
"Steeeeeeeeeve" is in the middle back row!

This is the reason we are never home for Thanksgiving!  What a lovely time we have there.  I can't wait until next year!  Love to all the Italians who make our trip so special.  

Thanks for reading! I still can't believe you do.
xo Suz

I still have not gotten the hang of this blog format...sorry if it's disjointed!