Monday, October 25, 2010

Cat Contest Pendant Giveaway

Columbo on the Columbo mat.

I finally made a cat...well two cats.  One is my signature shape and looks a bit like a Cat-Owl!  The other is the silhouette of a substantial feline.  Our Columbus/Columbo who passed this year was a "wide bodied" cat.  Both styles of cat I designed could be him.  Recently my Daughter and Grandson adopted Ernie...a Maine Coon like Columbo...but a gray and white tuxedo.

The pendant faces were stamped out with alphabet stamps to make the eyes, nose and whiskers.  They will be much better than pictured.  I tried a myriad of "v"s for the nose.  Funny, they look a bit like beaks!  These are just the prototypes.  I'll have them in sterling, copper, vermeil, and solid gold.  I am having my first complex die made that will have the faces stamped in, and some other nuances.  But before I go to the huge expense of having the die made, I would like your help.  This is where the contest comes in.

Win a Cat Pendant !!!!!!!

1. Be a follower of this blog (you will need to sign in and have a user name or Gmail address.)
2. You must leave a comment as to which cat you like best: A or B, and why.  Only one entry.
3. Contest starts 9am, Tuesday October 26th ends Midnight Mountain Time Sunday, October 31st.
4. We will use a computer generated "picker".  You will be contacted via email, and I will post  the winner on this blog.

Left is CAT  A          Right is CAT B

Left is CAT A                  Right is CAT B

Good luck.  Thanks for helping me decide which cat shape to make. May the best kitty win!

Both Cat A, I made one for myself and my daughter. Shhh...don't tell her.

Each day is a now.