Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Simple Idea

The first version offered in my shop.

A brief post about an item in my shop.  I have always loved pennants, buntings, Christmas roping, Day of the Dead paper flags,  and anything strung together that I can hang.  As a kid I made those construction paper chains, and hung them everywhere my Mother would allow.  2 years ago my friend in Germany sent me a handmade bunting that said: "Happy Birthday."  I hung it over the bed between 2 posts on our bed. 
Christmas....wish I had some other green options

Fall Harvest....the most popular

In my THE Polkadot Magpie shop I started offering pennant necklaces. They were perfect use of the scrap from bigger pieces.  The triangles are usually only 3/4" long.  I recently cut them out of silver and are offering them soon in my original shop Polkadot Magpie.  I can personalize them in my smaller type face.  Stay tuned, as they have been a huge hit in the first shop!
To be personalized with hand stamping.

For my chicken followers...16 eggs a day, the girls are laying.  I started selling them to a few folks...they now can pay for their own food, and feed me.  The cat and the dog are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how they can compete. :-)
Thanks for reading.
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