Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 4 Sam 365 Skeleton Project

Day 4
Movember is here for Sam.  Silly skeleton!

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Sam 365 Project Day 3

Day 3
Sam digging her chocolate skull from The Frosted Petticoat:

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sam 365 Skeleton Project: Day 2

Day 2 !!
Sam's first night in Denver.   All the lampshades were taken!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

365 Project: Day 1

Sam and Suz   Copyright 2012 PolkadotMagpie

What is a 365 project? It's a daily theme project for a year.  I will be posting a photo a day on this blog.  I am not the first to do one, nor the last.  I have had the idea to do a skeleton project for a long time. My husband gave me a life size medical model which I had asked for this year for my birthday.   "Samantha" came to be.  I call her Sam.  Why a skeleton?

Skeletons have always fascinated me.  We all have one.  It's the infrastructure that holds us together.  As a kid I would stand in the Field Museum, and Museum of Science and Industry in front of their skeletons. In school when we were supposed to be making Halloween pumpkin decor, I tried to make skeletons, much to my parents and teachers dismay.  As an adult I took a medical illustration course that was of a semester of bones.  That's when I fell in love. 

Sam promises to be the best traveled skeleton you know.  She's already been to Denver.  I wasn't prepared to observe the TSA watch her go through their monitors, and failed to get a photo. Many photos will be taken with my phone, on the fly.   Some will be posed.  She has New York and Italy on her travel agenda before the end of 2012. I have to thank my husband, kids, and friends for their support and love of this project and me.

I have a shot list started.  I guess working in the movies made it's mark on me.  If you or your business would like to have a photo with Sam contact me at: 
Sam's fan page: SAM 365 Skeleton  on Facebook.

Here we go! Thanks for reading.

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