Friday, April 17, 2015

Only The Good...

New sticker will be ready for Blade.

Life has been off the hook busy with all good things! We started a new company: "Terzuola Tactical." I have been busy designing all sorts of goodies that we will have ready at our Blade Show booth #1046 in June. I'll be posting some of these as we get closer. It's exciting! Many vendors to deal with, such as waterjet cutters, CnC machines, laser etching, and many other talented makers. In fact I realize I live in a world of makers. People who use machines, or their hands to earn a living. It's the best world for me.
Young Walter when his tail was coming in.

I had to share a recent loss with you. I have posted so many photos of my chickens over the years. I started raising the Swedish Flower breed just over 3 years ago. They are excellent layers, and come in a variety of colors. I have about 12 of them. We kept one rooster, and called him Walter.  When we had the Merek's disaster due to ordering other non inoculated birds from Wingshadows Hacienda, none of the Swedish were affected because they had been inoculated. However Walter went blind in one eye.
More young Walter...he would get to be 2 1/2 ft. tall

Roosters can be very difficult. I am sure you have heard stories of them attacking people. Here is the rooster "theory of mind." They want two things: to mate with the hens, and keep all other suiters or roosters away from their women.  My practice has been to bring hand held food with me when I let the birds out every morning. This way even the roosters associate me with food.  There have been a few roosters that saw me as a threat no matter what. But Walter never.
Favorite all time picture. What are these hens saying?!

Last night I found him slumped over in the yard. He'd made his transition to the big hen house somewhere. Roosters don't live as long as hens. Their hearts beat faster. They are basically in fight or flight mode for their entire lives. Walter had about 20 hens in his flock. He made sure all their eggs were fertile. :-) They say only the good die young. He was that. When I go out to feed and water the flock this morning, his crow will be missed. There will be a shake up in the flock. I keep my 2 banty roosters in a smaller coop. We'll see if one of those boys decides to move in with the "big girls."

Walter, I will miss you and your gentle manner with me and your hens. You were not only beautiful, but a great flock master. Thanks for all the joy you brought to us.  I can still see you running to me from across the yard. Long tail feathers bouncing up and down as you ran.  I have several drawings of this photo. This summer I will make an edition of prints of this wonderful moment I captured on film. You will always be in our hearts.

Each day is a gift, open now.