Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finding Geppetto

The wall on the edge of Calcata

More from Italy.  The day we took the cooking class our chef took us to a town just 4km away from the class.  A town called Calcata that was built in the 11th century.  Artisans of all types live there.  Even a knife maker.  We stopped in a literal hole in the wall for shots of coffee (cappuccino).  The narrow cobblestone streets, wooden shutters and doorways looked like a scene from Pinnochio.  I joked with Bob that I expected Geppetto to pop up at any moment.  And she did !
Foot traffic only

House #14

I knew Pinnochio was here somewhere. At the cafe, it turns out.
Some of the many cats in Calcata
Calcata style door
A Dutch puppet maker  Marijcke van der Maden  was sitting in her shop.  Wood burned in her stove for heat.  The walls were carved into stone.  Everywhere I looked there were marionette parts, tiny clothes, and puppets hanging  from the ceiling.  In the back nook I found over a hundred puppets posed that I was told were part of her Nativity Scene she makes every year. She said she adds a new town member every year.  She doesn't say who it is, and surprises them.  Her shop was magical.  I would have spent more time there, if we weren't scheduled for our class.
Marijcke was carving heads

Part of the town Nativity scene.

Marijcke and her marionettes

A fave of mine.

The door handle to her shop.  I collect hands...so of course I swooned.
Thanks for reading.  Jet Lag has brought you this blog today...as I can't sleep past 5am :-) Below is a link from the NYTimes about Calcata.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Filling Christmas Orders

Bob checking out the Gladiator's blade at the Colosseum

I am home, and slammed with orders.  Will write more later.  Here's a photo of Bob and a "Gladiator" at the Colosseum. :-D

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Each day is a gift. Open now.