Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Step At A Time

Remember my blog about not chasing the FedEx truck 10 days ago?  Today I went to the emergency doc at Bob's insistence for an xray. I broke the cuboid bone in my left foot. So I am in a boot, with a walker.  Tennis balls and all. :-(  On Monday I'll see the specialist.  I've been walking on it for 10 days, so the ER doc referred me.

I leave at 6 am for Denver to pick up my grandson and go see the elephants in California.  It's been a trip that has been planned forever.  Nothing can stop me, and the ER doc said I could go.
More from California.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Trip To Shidoni

3 men, and some molten bronze
This weekend we had a visitor from the Chicago area.  She had never been to New Mexico before last Friday.  It was interesting to see her  looking at the adobe, landscape, mountains, and vistas.  I always take visitors to Shidoni in Tesuque, just north of Santa Fe ( ) On Saturdays they allow you to watch them pour bronze.  Hot molten bronze pours out of a crucible like melted butter. We were offered a private tour by Daniel Kronberg, the man who introduced me to Bob.  He's a phenomenal sculptor, and person.  So informative, so excited about sculpture that Daniel.  It's almost contagious. He has a shop on Etsy at my insistence: dpkministat.  Shidoni sells his work.
Daniel (on the right) explains positive and negative process to Sandy and Charlie
We also visited Tesuque Glass Works which is located at the mouth of the entrance to Shidoni.  This time I got to see the owner, Charlie Miner blow HUGE glass platters.  He spun the piece of glass like pizza dough. It was incredible.  We ate at Tesuque Village Market, on the porch.  One gets the feel of northern NM sitting watching the cottonwoods sway in the breeze.
"Alien pod hatching zone"
A close up of the sign
a woman's shirt and feet in wax
Love the cigarette in this wax sheep's head
Both places promote alchemy.  All over the foundry are wax parts of sculptures. Random body parts being worked on in positive and negative form.  The workers there have quite a sense of humor.  I have included various photos of this. It was a great day.
hanging above a door
Wax crock pots keep the wax at the perfect temp
This is someone taller than "Yoid", JFK
We live in a place filled with artisans and craftsmen.  I feel blessed to be here.
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Each day is a gift. Open now.