Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Art Valentine

Georgia O'keefe sculpture: Santa Fe NM
Happy Valentine's Day to all.  For some this is a fun, playful holiday. It brings us back to school days of covering shoe boxes with all sorts of construction paper, and opening silly valentines. For others it's a painful reminder of lost loves, and their loneliness. 

This year I made my own valentines, just like I did as a child. I found blank library cards that I attached to blank cards.  I stamped them  "Be Mine" at the top of the card.  Then I stamped Feb.14 where the date one checks out is supposed to go, and personalized them  with the person's name.  They were a hit, as I have heard from all over the globe from their recipients. :-) 
African Women's Art in Atlanta Airport
Lee Bontecou
For you I thought I would share some photos of art by WOMEN I have in my library. The last photo is a wall sculpture by Lee Bontecou.  When I was in high school I visited my brother in NYC and saw a show of hers. She was the original upcylcer. Dragging metal rods, and mailbag canvas out of dumpsters and turning them into sculpture.  The work stayed with me, and when her show came to Chicago I saw it half a dozen times.  The above piece is a very early one.  Her later work and mobiles invite the viewer to hours of delight in organic abstract shapes.

In March when we are in NYC, we will see Diego Rivera's murals at the MOMA.  I can't wait, as he is also one of my favorite painters.

As I am known to say: "Happy VD Day!!"  :-)
Thanks for reading. Each day is a gift, open now.