Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Little Cupcake

Last year I had the pleasure of baking cupcakes with a good friend I met in the movie biz.  We worked together on Crash, the TV show.  He had told me he wanted to learn how to bake.  So we set up a time to do so which happened to be around Valentines Day. I gots to give you some background of how I met JP. He wears many movie hats: actor, stunt man, set dec.  I hope to see him more on screen in the future.

I worked with his older brother Keith on "Wildfire." I had met Keith on "Trade" a movie with Kevin Klein.  Keith was the voice of reason on the set.  He's an AD (assistant director) and AD's can be pretty gruff, and full of themselves.  But he had an old world southern politeness and I liked him immediately.  When we worked on several seasons of "Wildfire."  Occasionally we had time to talk and he would say:
"You should met my brother, you would love him." "You would get along great with my sister."  When I went to work on "Crash" both JP and Keith were working on it.  And Keith was right. I did love his brother instantly (I'm not alone, everyone loves JP).  We spent a long 5 months working on season one.  Both of them would say: "You should meet my sister, you two would get along."

Well, sister Rebekah came to New Mexico to do a public art project.  We met on Facebook first and discovered a mutual love for Lee Bontecou.  Rebekah's work reminds me of Bontecou. We had the pleasure of having all 3 for brunch one Sunday when Rebekah was here.  Each is so different from the other being fabulous in their own way.  Rebekah made the cupcake "blok" in the photo.  JP had given me a few of her "bloks" and "Cupcake" inspired our cupcake baking.  She also has a shop on Etsy:  Check it out!

So the rest of this blog will be filled with photos of our baking day.  I taught him to make 7 minute cooked frosting and butter cream that we used to frost chocolate brownie cupcakes and coconut cupcakes.  Both recipes can be found in Martha Stewart's Cupcake Book.  JP strapped on an apron and we went to work.  Only a real man could rock a calico apron with such flair. 


Happy Valentine's Day to all.  Eat something sweet!

Thanks for reading.  I am still amazed that you do.



  1. Oh, I could go for some cupcakes right now. My husband is playing chauffeur to another couple for their Valentine's dinner tonight & I could use some sweetness! I think he has some making up to do when he gets back. ;) Love your last pic, and the look on both of your faces is classic!

  2. a classic last picture for sure! sending you virtual upcake and hugs!

  3. Thank you! :) He got home late, but toiled over the stove for about an hour making our dinner, so he's forgiven. Plus, playing chauffeur for his friends was really a sweet thing to do, so he gets hopeless romantic points. Have a great day!