Thursday, March 25, 2010

Black Dirt--The final Frontier

 Waiting for dirt!

Weeks ago I called a very local landscaping company and asked for prices on dirt for the raised beds.  Our problem is that our property is fenced, and there is no easy way to get the the beds.  But a pickup truck fits just fine. I have driven many a load around to the back of our house.  I know a 350 size truck will work.  They said "Tom" would be out to see what truck of theirs would work.  The landscaping company has no idea the woman they be "dealin' wit."  :-}   I drive by their place at least 10 times a week. I know all of their trucks.  That's why I called them.  Tom never showed.

So I called again, and they said "James" would be out.  I know James, he's a native Californian and landscape designer.  I also knew he would be here on time, and give me the price per wheelbarrow.
And he did!   James is a treasure trove on information.  As much as I like him, we can't afford a thousand dollars to put dirt in.   Yikes.  That makes a tomato about 5 bucks a pop.  On to plan B.

2 at a time for each load
I called back and asked Mike for a "Firewood Truck Load" and his estimate with delivery of 3 cu.yd. was in our raised bed ball park.  So, here we go!  Like the boards  I hauled 8 at a time...I'll do dirt 3 cubic yards at a time.  Before I know it--they will be filled.

Now I have to go water the peas and the trees.  I hope your garden is springing to life. 

Thanks for reading. I'm still amazed that you do.


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