Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Groomsman's Knife

Jensen, Bob, Jared

Previously I wrote about Gen and Jared's wedding.  So here's the prequel.  About 6 weeks before the wedding Bob and I were  in bed, and I got a text.  It was Gen and Jared asking if Bob could make knives for his groomsman gifts.  The New York show was 4 weeks away.  Bob was really pushing to get ready for New York.  As I have done often, I read the text to Bob who was snuggled in under the blankets.
"Did you hear me?"  I asked.
"Yes, I'll figure it out in the morning" he said muffled by the quilt.
I turned off the light and pulled up the covers.  Just like an episode
of Desi and Lucy--Bob turned on his light a second after I had shut mine.  He sat up.  Reached for his robe, and put on his slippers.  Buddy got up, rather excited about all this unexpected late night commotion.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
"I'm going out to the shop to see if I have enough materials to make 8 knives."  he bellowed, as he often bellows.  Buddy followed him into the shop.
Within minutes he was back.
"Text them back: black textured carbon fiber handle, model 7,  with a sterling dragon on the handle, in a wood box with my logo engraved. " 

Before we left for NYC the knives were finished in pieces.  I was given the job of cutting out the carbon fiber handles on the diamond ring saw.  I love this saw.  I also loved having a small part in them.  Bob ground all the blades before we left for NY.
Each Knife had the Groomsman's initials on the blade.

2 Rakishly Handsome Superstars!

Table Place Cards and "The Knife"

Jensen happily posing with a Terzuola!

At dinner Jared went from Groomsman to Groomsman delivering the knives.  Jensen was at our table.  Before he received his, another Groomsman came to the table to show him his knife.  Jensen oohed and aahed, and when the man walked away Jensen hung his head: "I wish I got a knife" he murmured into his plate.  Moments later Jared came to our table and gave Jensen his knife.  The expression on his face and Bob's face watching Jensen get his gift made my evening.  Bob rarely gets to see someone get a knife he has made as a gift.  As the evening went on-Bob, Jensen and the other crew guests at our table had some pretty colorful conversation.  Bob was so pleased that the guys were so pleased.  
Bob and I have been so impressed by Gen & Jared's stellar behavior as actors in real life.  Believe me, I have seen plenty of actors behaving badly.  These 3 young adults are what the movie biz  calls: "Number 1 on the call sheet."  Meaning, they are the stars of the TV shows they are on.    Now Jensen was added to our pedestal with Gen and Jared.  The time was brief that night at dinner.  We felt proud to know these people and call them our friends. These 3 restore old folks faith in the human race.   Bob felt honored to make the knives for this occasion. Bob made a 9th knife: "just in case." Well, as you can imagine the first ones came out perfect.  I bet you will see him carrying #9!

Below is the reason for all this.  "G & J" we ♡♡♡ you.

Thanks for reading.  I'm still amazed that you do.




  1. Wonderful report. Thank you so much. I'm really happy to hear that about my favorite actor Jared Padalecki and his beautiful bride Genevieve. God bless them both. Your husband's knives are the best

  2. Hello thanks a lot for sharing this amaizing and wonderful story about Jared and Genevieve wedding im so glad everything was sweet and full of love.
    The pics are lovely,of course they are lovely people *snort* sorryy,just wanted to say thank u from Dominican Rep.
    P.S.: Tell bod the knife looked awesome,really great job.

  3. That is such a cool report; thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Beautiful Jared and Gen. Beautiful groomsman Jensen. Beautiful knives - you guys are great. Wonderful post. Thank you so much.

  5. Hi there! My name is Gloria, and I'm also a fan of Jared and Gen, and their show, Supernatural. I adored reading your account of their wedding: so beautiful, so filled with love, and it warms my heart.

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Jared at three separate fan conventions, over the last few years, and he's always been the kindest, sweetest guy. He has a beautiful knack for remembering faces, too, so even if he doesn't know our names, and may not even remember which convention he last saw us at ... he'll greet fans with a cheery, "Hey, great to see you again!"

    He's a lovely man, and it's such a delight to hear that he's married with such love and hope for the future. May God bless them!

    It's fun to hear about the knives, too! They look like splendidly crafted pieces, in your photos. Your posts are lovely and heartwarming, and I pray for decades of joy together, for Jared and Gen.

    Bless you!

    ~ Gloria

  6. Thanks for sharing a beautiful story! It is making it's way around the Supernatural fandom with great speed and interest! I think I have seen your link, knife wife, linked on about 8-10 SPN comms and posts!

    Also, being that *this* fandom is one of watching with curiosity, trust, emulating, and love for whatever the SPN stars are willing to put time and energy into, be it music, food, clothing.etc.and share with the fans, I believe fans will really enjoy this. I think you have piqued the interest of quite a few fans! I have seen a few already SURE they want to order a knife.

    I know it is VERY VERY presumptuous of me to even say this but I have been told I am outspoken (or just opinionated!) and so I will just go for it!

    People were asking if there was a Supernatural edition knife with maybe sigils, the Supernatural logo, some Angelic Script, Latin incarnations, or something you made special for the show. I did not see any on your web site store and thought it might be in the making. Might this be true?

    Thanks again for trusting the fans enough to sharing such a great and personal story. I hope you are not offended that I asked about the SPN knives as many are wondering. Your craft work is superb and the fact that you both love what you do makes it even better!

  7. Bob made these knives with love and care for Jared and Gen's special day. At the moment Bob has a 6-12 month wait for a custom knife. He put Jared at the front of the line because of our relationship. Glad you love them as much as we do!

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience at their wedding..
    The knife is beautiful...