Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Flippin' Easter

Kent Allen Parker
"probably the coolest guy you know"

What the...????  Who is that man in the pink bunny suit?  Is he standing among bodies...strewn on the ground?  Yep.  He is.  If you look at his face, you can tell he's loving it too.  What kind of Easter wish is this?  This was taken on the set of "In Plain Site" on the USA network.  Kent is the personal dresser for Mary McCormick who is the star of "IPS." It's a show about the Witness Protection Plan set in Albuquerque.

Happy Flippin' Easter!!!!

(no actual people were hurt in the taking of this picture
....but candy is missing.)

When I first saw these photos on Nathan Davis and Kent Parker's Face Book pages, I couldn't stop laughing.  It's people like Nathan and Kent who made my working in the tv/movie biz fun.  I don't know what exactly tickles me so much. Kent's goatee with the pink bunny suit, glasses, the prop gun, the look on his face, or the dead calm of Nathan. 

I hope you're eating tons of candy.  And I wish you a wonderful spring day.  I am  having 12 friends for dinner.  An Easter Egg hunt for Abby.  I'll post more tomorrow. For me who has no real family to spend holidays with, I keep the following saying in mind:

Friends are the family you choose.  

Thanks for reading.  I'm still amazed that you do!


Special thanks to Nathan and Kent for sharing their photos with me (us).

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