Friday, June 4, 2010

When Collaboration Turns Into Genius

One of our New Mexico "Knife Nuts," Richard Rogers read an article in a magazine about gentlemen of the old west.  He was inspired to make a "Gentleman's Set" and asked Simon Lytton an engraver from London what he thought.  Simon encouraged Richard to go ahead and make this set that he would engrave.  It would be shown at the Plaza invitational in September of '08.  Simon collects and sells antique knives, as well as engraves knives for contemporary knifemakers.  So it was a perfect match of two master craftsmen.

 Close up of Simon's engraving.

More close ups of the set and engraving.

When one picks up one of Richard Rogers knives, they are brought back to a time of elegant craftsmanship.  His knives are graceful, perfect in proportion and scale.  The folding styles seem to glide open and shut.  Amazingly, he is one of the knife world's unsung heroes.  He's been making knives since 1996. He runs a cattle ranch in Magdelena New Mexico with his wife Sally.  Currently showing at the Blade show in Atlanta: table 2F.  Stop by and see this "Gentleman's Set".  I was fortunate to see it at one of our "Knife Nuts of New Mexico" get togethers.  

Black Lip Pearl Folding Fruit Knife
By Richard Rogers

Simon Lytton and Richard Rogers
(Simon wears my skull all the time!)

Simon Lytton has engraved knife handles and bolsters for my husband Bob Terzuola for over ten years. He does traditional scroll work as well as Japanese motifs.  He has engraved  high end hunting rifles  and shot guns. I was given a sterling pill box, pendant, and then purchased a large cut work and engraved pendant that I consider one of my signature pieces of jewelry.  I am always fascinated by the antique pieces as well as his modern adornments on Simon's table.   I hope for him to engrave skulls and birds to sell at my Etsy shop. 

Simon's Gold Inlay and Engraving On
Folding Knives with Damascus Blades
By Warren Osborn
A box with a sterling engraved top by Simon Lytton

Richard Rogers' knives are sold at Bob Neal Custom Knives: 
As well as many knives engraved by Simon Lytton.
If you are interested in contacting Richard or Simon: I'll forward your email address to them.
Write me at

Thanks for reading. I'm still amazed that you do.



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  1. Really enjoyed this and was fortunate to see the fantastic grouping. Have known Richard and Sally for quite a while now and am lucky to have some of his work in my collection. Thanks for taking the time to put this up.