Friday, August 20, 2010

Indian Market 2010

2010 Poster
On Saturday morning Bob and I will get up at 5am, make coffee in go cups, and drive north to Santa Fe. We will be heading to Indian Market. As the sun comes over the mountains in Albuquerque, we will be on the plaza in Santa Fe.  There aren't many reasons I would get up before the crack of dawn. Indian Market is like Christmas to me.  The energy is high, and the vibes very good. 10am it's packed with people.

I've been going to Indian Market since long before I moved to New Mexico.  Every year I buy something.  Which means a jewelry box full of gorgeous Native Jewelry.  I always try to seek out a new artist and purchase something.  When I look at my jewelry now...I have to laugh, as I couldn't afford to buy it.  Most of the artists I have purchased from have become quite famous.  Who knew?

This year Bob traded a knife for a painting by Mateo Romero.  Mateo was the chosen artist for the Indian Market poster last year.  Every year there is one artist among the hundreds chosen.  I loved Mateo's work long before he ever called Bob about a knife.  I have been visiting THE BEST Native gallery in New Mexico: Blue Rain Gallery.  They originated in Taos.  Now they are off the plaza in Santa Fe.  Tony Abeyta, Mateo Romero, Preston Singletary, Tammy Garcia, Randal Lagro, Marla Allison are among the many fabulous artists at Blue Rain. Mateo's painting hangs in our front hallway.  I walk by it 25 times a always makes me feel happy.  Recently we went up to Mateo's studio on Canyon road.  He's an amazing person, as well as an awesome painter.  We have Tony's colograph "Night Fertilization" in our living room.  If I were rich...the place would be packed with these artist's work.
 The "unveiling!"

We had a dinner party to celebrate Mateo bringing the painting.  We had met Pat Pruitt and Marla Allison at a knife show.  So we invited them, and the man Lucas who introduced us.  Marla and Mateo had been doing some work up in his studio with their friend Ryan Singer.  So he came too.  We made a big Italian dinner, and all had a great time.  Mateo is also a printmaker and I believe we could have talked about printmaking all night.  I was honored and warmed by our guests.  We have to do it again soon.  We will see them all at Indian Market.  Every time I walk by Mateo's painting I think of that evening together.
"Butterfly Dancer" by Mateo Romero
I don't know the name of this piece or who Mateo is standing with!
Tony Abeyta
Above Tony's recent black and white piece, and Indian Market poster.

Marla Allison
A painting of Marla's Mom by Marla

Ryan Singer
Ryan Singer juxtaposes and places known characters in Native settings.
Ryan gave me a button with this image on it.
I have it pinned to my work bench.

Pat Pruitt at his CNC machine
A kick ass bracelet of stainless steel
  made by Pat Pruitt.
Wait till you see his stingray
and stainless concho belt!
Presley LaFountain sculptor.
His son Saige is a very close friend of
Bob's son Dan. 

These are just a few of the artists that will be up in Santa Fe this weekend.  If you are local, please go.  The Native artists and craftsmen come from all over the country.  It's a feast for the eyes.  

See you there!

Thanks for reading, I'm still amazed you do.  Each day is a gift.


  1. wow Suz! Sounds like a wonderful event-very creative, very warm, full of vitality and connection. Have fun. Will look forward to hearing about it when you return!

  2. I cannot tell you what memories reading this has brought back to me of my all too short time living in Santa Fe, on Canyon Road!! Suz....I hope you are having THE BEST time at the Market (been twice!) and I know all about the Massive Energy that surrounds it and all who go!! I am completely jealous...but in a good way, of course!!!

  3. "Butterfly Dancer" is an AMAZING painting!! How wonderful to know the artist and to own his work...