Friday, September 24, 2010

Double Nickles

Suz at 5

Yep, today is my birthday.  I have a plan to go to art museums in Denver with my daughter. She's taken off the day from work for us to spend this time together.  It's promised to be 80 and sunny in Denver.  We are planning our day.

I have just met "Ernie" my grand cat for the first time.  He's a gray and white Maine Coon they adopted from a shelter this year.  His girth is spectacular at 20 pounds.  He plays "fetch" with his fuzzy pipe cleaners. I am told he brings his toys to my grandson and daughter when he wants to play.  He opened the bathroom door to see what I was doing. In true cat manner, when I let him in and shut the door...he immediately wanted out. :-)   Right now he is spread out almost completely covering their coffee table!  In a grandmotherly fashion, I would say this cat is exceptional.  He reminds me of our cat "Columbus" that passed this year.  Ernie is always where he can see everyone.  He just brought his toy over (like a dog) and dropped it on our feet.
Ernie with his pipe cleaner toy
I'll post more later, as today looks like it will be one big photo op!  
 Thanks for all your love and wishes on my b-day!
Okay...I will. :-)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Bay ~ Beee!!
    Stevie j

  2. Happy Birthday, Suz! Have a good time with the family and your grandcat. :o)

  3. Happy Birthday..and what a lovely day this sounds like. I absolutely love that cat, Ernie! Have a wonderful time in Denver with your daughter and her family, Suz!

  4. Have fun w/ YOUR munchkin and her munchkin...their kitty looks like your Mom's ole kitty I remember. Love you and wish you well...If you want/have time - have a meal with Patti while you are there. xoxo

  5. Happy, happy birthday! Hope your day was filled with all that makes you happy. You share a birthday with another great lady - my mom! Take care,
    Sally & Richard

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Suz!!! Hope you celebrated in high style and are still celebrating today! Eat a cupcake! xoxo

  7. Happy birthday! Ernie looks like my cat Splash.
    I picked Splashy from the pound but he loves my husband. He folloes Mitch likes a dog, can't wait to have his "quality time" with Mitch!