Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winners and Winners

We have a winner!  It's BagLady in Michigan!  Thanks to all who entered.  It was a fun contest.
Cat A is the winner too!

I entered a contest through Etsy.  It is to honor the NASA space program. Our last shuttle will launch has caused a reschedule.  I have always been enamored with space, astronauts, and "life out there."  So I made several rockets for this contest.  Using all recycled materials.  The final rocket was solid anodized titanium, with meteorite beads.  I made a V-2 style rocket  with a pearl body from the tin of MOP that Warren Osborne  sent to me from Texas.  Still waiting to hear if it will make the "cut" at Etsy. Here's the link for the contest:

My bench with carbon fiber and titanium cut outs.
Wet grinding the mother of pearl.
V-2 Model: MOP, carbon fiber, and meteorite beads.
 Warren Osborne (middle) at LaGuardia  with the "Texas Mafia" knife makers.  Thanks Warren!

Contest entry is titanium with meteorite beads.

Somewhere I got the idea to make a video to go with it. As a kid I watched Flash Gordon, and imagine that is what started this whole love of outer space.  So ala Flash we shot a 13 second video with sparkler rocket trails.  Bob, Katja, and I all participated in this monumental production. :-)  We had a blast making it.  I thank them both for their hard work and creativity.   Check it's so bad, it's good.  :-)

I am sending off some mustaches to Canada for "Movember" a prostate cancer awareness raising event.  More on that later.
Faux rattlesnake mustaches

 Thanks for reading.  
Every day is a gift, open now.


PS.  I did not get chosen by Etsy.  I was saddened by their choices...most look like they are headed for Regretsy, or are admin favorites.  


  1. Love the rockets... I met Buzz Aldridge (sp?) once and told him I would volunteer for the first flight attendant in space!!
    We could use your rocket, huh?
    Stevie j

    ps. Congrats to the winner (sad face, I really wanted to win!) I guess I will have to buy one then...gladly...

  2. I thank you so much for Kitty A- she is adorable and I will be so happy to wear her. I checked out your Etsy store and love all your work. It is so different from everything everyone else is doing- modern looking. Thank you again- I love her. Nancy

  3. I am sorry to be so late on this but I absolutely love the rocket; it is a winner in my heart!
    I loved both kitties as I have one of each in real life.