Friday, February 25, 2011

What I Bought on Etsy 2/24/11

I am so excited to share this find with you.  Now that I have let my hair grow...I needed some "tools" to hold it.  Am I too old to wear birds in my hair?  Will I look silly with a raven perched on my head?  I don't really give a damn.   Wing and Talon's leather works on Etsy has just become my new favorite shop: 
Masks and barrettes for the fantasy minded person.  I think this seller does lots of shows for those of us who believe in the spirits of the woods.  Druids, fly- don't walk to this man's shop.   Above is a raven barrette.  I purchased the small ones, because I have thin hair.  They are perfect! I am wearing them right now. :-)

I included this shop in a few treasuries this week.  Below is a mask I put in one.  I have contacted the seller about a skull. It is the next item I will buy for myself.  The girls in my life will be getting all sorts of these leather beauties as gifts. Amazing work.

What's been going on around the shop?  Bob is beavering away for the NYC/NJ show in two weekends.  Below are some knives for orders that went to Russia this week.   Such talent!  And Suz likes the black.  Bob used a new process to make the stainless damascus blades stay black.  Mmmm.
And me?  I've been in Mid Century Modern Mania.  Below mastodon and carbon fiber.
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