Saturday, June 18, 2011

G-Dawg and Mr. E

A new favorite...Silkies, E really loved them all grown up.

16 days with  Grandma: aka "G-Dawg."  Ethan left today after  being with us for16 days.  Our trip to the Elephants and Giant Sequoias in California started it.   The time flew.  We went to ceramics, played in the pool, played with chicks and chickens, movies, 2 nights of serious Texas Hold'em, a visit to the "In Plain Sight" set,  photography, bacon cheese burgers, birthday party, many of my colorful friends, chasing me through Target and Walmart on my electronic scooter, and countless real time talking and sharing, and laughing. Lots of laughing!
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Cast chairs at the set of "In Plain Sight"
G'Dawg burning rubber in Walmart

My boot cast makes an excellent perch
4 new Aussies, "Precious" posing on the right.
E and Precious...both are precious !
It takes me a day to get used to not having him here. It was an incredible visit.  
Memories to last a life time.  
Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift. Open now.

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