Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eggs and Feet

The first egg.

We've got eggs!  Yep, the bantam hens started laying the last day our grandson was here.  He saw the first egg.  :-)    Of course these eggs are tiny...3-4 of these would make one large egg.  The clucking and gabawking that comes with laying hens was audible from the patio.  You know, they have to tell us they are laying. 

On a different note, I am back in my boot, with a wheelchair and a new wheely kneely walker that allows me to scoot along on flat surfaces.  It was expensive to rent, but truly wonderful! Of course Blue Cross and Blue Shield would not okay it.  Some days I wonder why I have insurance.  But, that's another blog.

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  1. Love that egg. I'm a fellow etsy shop owner. you have a wonderful shop. love your closing on the above post. sure is the truth.