Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Step At A Time

Remember my blog about not chasing the FedEx truck 10 days ago?  Today I went to the emergency doc at Bob's insistence for an xray. I broke the cuboid bone in my left foot. So I am in a boot, with a walker.  Tennis balls and all. :-(  On Monday I'll see the specialist.  I've been walking on it for 10 days, so the ER doc referred me.

I leave at 6 am for Denver to pick up my grandson and go see the elephants in California.  It's been a trip that has been planned forever.  Nothing can stop me, and the ER doc said I could go.
More from California.
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  1. Awwww... that sucks :( Hope it heals fast!!


  2. Ouch! Well, I'm glad you're moving ahead with your adventure! Can't wait to see pics! No chasing after elephants and you should be fine! ;)

  3. I broke a bone in my foot when my son was a month old. I was standing on a child's chair putting candles in a scones while speaking to my sister on the phone. I stepped off and instantly knew I was in trouble. I tried to talk it off as it were and was grunting like I ran a marathon. My sis was like "what is the matter with you". Next day I knew it wasn't just sprained. It took a lot longer to heal than I thought so take care. Enjoy the grandson.