Thursday, March 8, 2012

Figaro Makes His Mark

Fausto and Figaro: morning 1
I am here to tell you that it doesn't take very long to become emotionally attached to a new pet.  Last December I blogged about getting 2 kittens for Bob.  If I count correctly, 79 days ago.  When we returned from our NY trip, I noticed our black and white kitten "Figaro" didn't sleep with us.  His brother and Buddy couldn't be close enough.  In the morning I saw he was not well.  I called the Vet who saw him immediately.
My lap barely held 2 kittens and the Mac.
105.5 temp, lethargic, and dehydrated he spent most of the day on a cold pack.  Blood work showed no Feline viruses, that was a relief.  The rest was sent out to the lab. Coming back with a high white count, and antibiotics were started.  The origin of this infection, has yet to be determined. Keeping Figgy stable and dehydrated is my mission at the moment.  Chicken broth warmed, and fresh water every hour kept me up for a good part of the night.  I went to bed early in hopes to recharge my batteries.  But "Figgy" needed closeness, and slept under my chin in between liquids.
Buddy licking the top of Figgy's head before napping together.
Sadly when Figgy arrived home from the vet, Fausto began to hiss and growl at him.  Smelling different was enough to erase the howling for his brother most of yesterday.  Amazing, eh?  Hard for me to believe that he didn't know him.  Figgy wanted to be close to Fausto, but got "the big growl" and slunk away.  Fausto has lost his playmate, and apparently I am the new one.  Figgy watches with his front paws tucked under him as Fausto makes flying leaps from furniture, attacks the dogs tail, and chases the white ball toy.  Then Fausto decides it's time to bite me: fingers, shoes, shoe laces, calves, elbows, pony tail, anything will do.  Finally last night I gave him a little neck nip like Figgy does.  :-)
Figgy and Fausto napping in the kitchen.
We don't know if Figgy will recover, as the source of this infection is still unknown.  So for now I will continue to make the chicken broth, rice mix for him.  Force fluids, and monitor his temp.  I will also continue to be Fausto's playmate...who is sleeping on my lap as I type.  These were supposed to be Bob's cats, remember?  Haha.  What was I thinking?

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