Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winter Villa for the Ducks

The Winter Villa, as Bob calls it, is ready.  Here are the quacking 6 staring at the new "thing" in their pen.  We now know that 4 are girls, and 2 are boys.  The 2 black Cayugas are Drakes.  Lots of duck eggs were found in the straw when Bob assembled the villa.
Matilda is the Gray Swedish, Daisy the White Pekin, Afro is the Black Crested, the 2 drakes are Cayuga, one named Amigo,  and the black in front we are not sure if she is a Black Runner or Cayuga. The males have a little curly tail feather.  The females quack, the males sort of grunt.  They are a talkative flock.  They continue to bring us constant entertainment, and joy.

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