Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 155 Georgia Gets The Bone Thing

Day 155
A quick pose to give Georgia O'Keeffe and New Mexico their boneness.  I once read an interview with Georgia about why she painted bones.  She was the first person I had ever heard of that thought bones were beautiful, as I do.  They did not represent death to her. In fact the opposite, bones were the armature we all have inside us.  She loved finding them bleached by the sun on her northern New Mexico walks.  I am sure the painting above was of a prized skull she possessed with the horns still in tact.  So we had to grab a quick shot of Sam's bones, next to Georgia's. 

On a very personal was O'Keeffe paintings in the Chicago Art Institute that I was so enamored with growing up.  I would stare at them, as there was a familiar feel to them.  I was drawn over and over again to look at them.  Then when I drove from Albuquerque to Santa Fe for the first time on I25...I felt a homecoming in New Mexico.  It took many trips here before I moved from my Midwestern home of Chicago.  I have never looked back.

Each day is a gift, open now.

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