Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 173 Berlin: Searching For Marx

Day 173
Berlin proved to be a magical location.  I did not allow enough time to photograph this vast city of glaring dichotomies.  Everywhere Sam II (and I) looked, there was juxtaposition of every kind.  War and Peace stood hand in hand. Communism and it's fall were left and right foot.  The architecture said so much.  The faces of the people walking the streets told their own tale. Older generations that scraped a meager existence during communism walked next to the young capitalists who knew little of their relatives' past reality. 

Sam was blown away that Karl Marx and his son remain in a public park.  The Berliners fondly call this statue "The Shitter and his son!" :-D

Sam II is unwrapped for a preview.  My friend Juergen ordered her to be delivered to his Berlin Studio when Delta rejected Sam and her new  Pelican case at the airport.  All this done from my long plane ride and wifi. She will go to Paris this Fall.  Saving me lots of headache during travel.  Sam the First was sad to stay home.  The support of my friends and family for this project has been enormous.  I can't thank them enough for this. 

The reason for the searching part of the title was because there is incredible construction going on in Berlin.  It took us several tries to find this statue, as most entries to the park were closed.

Each day is a gift, open now.

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