Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 365: That's A Wrap, Sam

Day 365
copyright 2013 polkadot magpie
Today seemed like a long time ago when I started this project.  Seeing if I could take a picture every day for a year was my challenge to myself. Having the backbone to carry a skeleton around in public straight faced, like everyone was doing it- was the fun part. Travel, airlines losing Sam, areas with no wifi, computers crashing, camera lens breakage, illness, death, all were road blocks.  But became speed bumps for Sam and me. 

I have fallen deeper in love with the bone than I ever dreamed I would.  I met so many skeleton lovers, and many who were not.  I love that people have begun to associate me with skeletons, and post pictures on Facebook, or text me when they see one.  As I have said from the beginning: "the art is in the experience."  It really is.

copyright 2013 polkadot magpie
Our wrap party. I am wedged between Sam and Sam2. Thanks for coming with me on this adventure.  I ran out of calendar days before I ran out of ideas, so you will see more of Sam.  I am lining up her travel schedule for next year, as I feel she will be my muse for life. I now have 8 full size skeletons.  I think the party is just getting started.

Remember: each day is a gift. Open now.
Suz and Sam, Sam2, Karl Olga, and the Costco Brothers

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