Tuesday, January 7, 2014

9 Chicks A Peeping 2014

I had hoped to bring you Sam's New Years glasses shot. But my studio has had house guests, and then the chicks started to hatch.  For those of you who have only know me with Sam...I do lots of other fun activities.
I raise poultry, mostly fancy Bantam Cochins. Cochins are my favorite breed, both standard and bantam. We just had 9 chicks hatch out.  All Calico Cochins.  I hatched these for the 4H kids.  I wanted them to have beautiful birds for our fair this year.  I will try to post a picture every week of this flock. 
Taken with my iPhone. Hour 2. 
Looking for pictures of their parents.  They are stunning chicks. Already great wide body Cochin type with feathered feet.  Peep peep.

 Each day is a gift, open now.

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  1. Adorable! Why do the 4-H kids get all the cuties? I want some too!!! :D
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