Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I Bought on Etsy

"Kelley's Cow"  Old School Suz in my new shop: ThePolkadotMagpie

This starts a new feature on my blog.  I was first a shopper, before I had two of my own shops.  I am still a shopper on Etsy.  It is a land of amazing finds. Vintage is a category I could live in all day.  There seems to be some mathematical formula between what item I want to buy and the shipping being as much if not more than the cost of this wanted piece. Be it on the other side of the world, or 500 pounds...usually those are the things I REALLY want.  The art and illustration shops are also amazing.

I worked my ass off this year.  True, I did it in my pajamas half the time.  There is something to be said for working the entire morning in one's sleepwear.  I love it.  As a reward I wanted to buy myself something.  I love the surreal work that is photography based.  So I decided to set myself a budget of $100.00 and went shopping at some of my favorite shops.  The following two pieces are part of my gift to self.  I have them up on an easel in my studio.  I plan to rotate pieces there like the front page of Etsy. However not every hour. :-)  I bought 5 pieces.

Top is "The Wing Collector" by ThisYearsGirl  on
Below it is "Theodore W. Elwood"  by Emporium51 on

One makes me laugh and one makes me cry.  Ahhhh life.

Everyday is a gift, open now.



  1. "Beautiful pieces" she says as she looks down at her flannel PJ bottoms with matching LL Bean chamois shirt. Hey, why not be comfy?

  2. I love Saturday and Sunday morning working in my PJ's!
    and also, buying things for myself occasionally :)

    Thanks so much for including my print here.


  3. Oh Suz, I'm so very glad to know someone else who works the morning away in her PJs! Me too!!! :)

    And I love the Old School Suz as well as your purchases. Yes, tears and laughter, both in a such a lovely palette - earthy and natural.

  4. I bought one of Melissa's pieces last it. Her work is breathtaking!

  5. Oooooo, Suz!!! "The Wing Collector" was my favorite piece, too!!!!! I was so drawn to it--very magical--and YES to pjs! xo Cait

  6. Oh my goodness, what gorgeous finds! I actually gasped just now when I saw "The Wing Collector."

    Slippers and PJ's ROCK.