Monday, January 17, 2011

A few of my favorite things

 Once I fix the type...this will be complete.
This year has brought with it lots of "new."  I am learning to use my new Nikon camera.  I have big lights, stands, props, and lots of paper for background. Bob has a new Sony video camera so small it literally fits in the palm of his hand.   We learned that you can't shoot in HD and put it on YouTube.  So yes, it's amazing...but not interfacing. If someone knows how to change a file to regular mode from HD...please email me.   So these old folks are learning new things.  Kinda fun.
Mustache Row

Once I get an instruction manual for my camera that is in English...I will start to take photos for art too. I need to download it and print it out...elsewhere.  Photos are a bit red.  I am adjusting them in iPhoto. But would like to have some prowess with this new machine.  I see photo journalism in my future. Or some close facsimile.  Now to shoot the personalized birds for the website.  A bread and butter photo journalism gig.

Above my new laser cut type...what ?.... It's not about me?

Each day is a gift, open now.


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