Saturday, January 15, 2011

What is a Collograph ??

"Spring" from the 4 Seasons Collection

Many of you know only my jewelry on Etsy.  With the opening my new shop, I will be selling original prints as well as cards, and copies of original prints that sold and are popular.  I don't have a good printer where I live for this.  So I am open to names nation wide if you have one.  For years I explored collographs.  Inspired by a local artist and fellow printmaker Tony Abyeta.  Few people knew how to make a line with this method of printmaking.  I was determined I could.  And did.

A collograph can be made may ways. These were made by carving, layering paper, leaves and then gessoing over them.  When it all dries, I coat the plate with acrylic so the ink does not permeate the plate and break it down while printing. The plates get quite thick and I used carpet padding as a blanket when printin.    The 4 Seasons Crosses were multiple plate images.  Each plate holding a different color.  Registration is complex, but doable.  Below are the Winter, Summer, and Fall from this series.

I had the slides converted to digital files.  I am not a photoshop person, so the colors are a bit off. "Summer" is actually a peach with the blue.   One step at a time.

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Each day is a now.

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  1. Gorgeous, dahling. I'm so glad you're printing again (or are these older?) You are a magician with layering colors over and over each other and getting such beautiful results. You always bring me back to the stucco of Italy. I have X O Crow right in my line of sight where I sit in my recliner (and The Rookery next to it). I hope your sales fly out the door!!!