Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow in the Desert

-2 degrees this morning.  I thought I had given up this kind of weather after moving to New Mexico. But I guess not.  I type this to you in  Uggs, wool fingerless gloves, and my hat from the Italian Knifemaker's Guild.  Buddy wanted to go out at 6;30 this morning.  One of the smoke alarms in my studio was beeping every 60 seconds.  Unreachable even, by our tallest's making me crazy(ier).  Our high in Albuturkey will be 10 today.

All complaining aside, I've been busy making new items and sending out meteorite hearts.  That is this year's Valentine hit.  Here are a few pieces that are in my new shop: The Polkadot Magpie on Etsy.

Expect more Mid Modern designs for jewelry and flat art.  As well as steampunk additions of ornamented skulls.

It's Black History Month, and I am not sure what a "dropper" like me who has 1.5% black is supposed to do this month.  I made a treasury on Etsy in honor of Irma.  She used to say: "you have the nappiest hair for a white girl!"  She was a housekeeper for my family.  I loved her to pieces. She would bring me 45 records of R&B music from her neighborhood record store.  That's pretty old school, right?  I used to listen to "urban contemporary" music on the radio.   She braided my hair in corn rows, much to my parents disapproval.  I ate beans, greens and rice with country ribs like there was no tomorrow when my parents were away.  And she turned me on to Gospel Choir music.  When the whole "African American" term became fashionable to say instead of "Black"...I asked her what she wanted to be called. Her response was slow in coming and finally she said: My Grandparents were "niggers," my parents are "colored," I am "black," and my children are "African American."

To this day when I am feeling a need for some uplifting I put on Kirk Franklin and am known to say: "time for Church!" Here's the link and a photo of an item I really want.  I forwarded this listing on Etsy to Bob...but I doubt he will get me a doll.  She reminds me so much of Irma.

"Nadine" from Old World Primatives on
Gotta go cut out more meteorite hearts.  I'm almost out. They were on the front page of Etsy this morning and well, you know how fantastic that can be. Over 400 views until it sold. Amazing.

Each day is a now. 


  1. Hi Suz: Those red chili peppers against the snow. WOW.
    Re; Black History is important to commemorate it. At my advanced age I have memories of participating in the first Marches on Washington and one in Selma, Alabama...and so feel connected in a small way to History...

  2. Snow in the NM desert? Wow! Stay warm... stay inside!