Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Chickens are Coming !! part 2

Dark Brahma Hen
Here is a link to Dark Brahma Chicks:

This morning I went on a field trip to all the feed stores in our area.  I was comparing feed brands and types.  I am not lover of medicated food. But baby chicks tend to walk on the feeder, and drop feed all over, as well as poop everywhere.  So that the babies don't get Coccidiosis (fatal) I will probably get one bag of medicated feed to start with.  But I did find organic feed at Dan's Boot and Saddle. That was great! I also found a great hardware store that has 6' x 150' rolls of poultry wire. It took 2 guys to load it in the back of the Yukon.  Bob and I are ready to build "Fort Chicken."
A PERFECT Black Cochin Hen  
I have the heat lamp, bulbs, feeders, waterers, and thermometers.  Chicks have to be kept at 95 degrees for the first week, then the temp is decreased 5 degrees every week after that.  Tomorrow I will put the sides up on the "Nursery" and fire up the heat lamp and see what temperature we have.  This is so important. As heat is the number one priority for these chicks. I plan to have this all worked out before they arrive.
Buff Silkie Hen and Rooster  
I got an email from the Hatchery and it looks like they are not sending all hens....oh boy.  When I can determine the roosters, they will have to go to the farmers market.  I am being a chicken sexist and only want hens. I've had enough roosters for a life time.  My neighbors are only an acre away, and would not enjoy crowing at the crack of dawn.  We once had a rooster who crowed at night, and almost drove us mad. Above are some of the breeds we are getting.  The Silkies are Japanese chickens, and the Brahmas and Cochins are Asian.

It feels a bit like Christmas for me! I know this sounds strange. I've had so many emails from chicken lovers here and on Etsy that I know I'm not alone.   I'll take pictures of the nursery when I have it set up.

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  1. I am a huge chicken lover and my 7 year old is obsessed! Have you seen the documentary "The History of the Chicken"? A must see.

  2. Tallulah, I have not. My son was also obsessed with chickens at 7, 8, 9, and still loves them. We even had "chicken math!"
    I must see this documentary with him. Thanks.

  3. Had to check out your blog when you mentioned chickens on your Etsy profile. New Urban Chicken Farmer! My chicks are between 3 and 4 weeks old and absolutely hilarious. We have a Gold-Laced Wyandotte, a Mottled Houdan, an Ameraucana and a black Cochin.

    Can't wait to see your chicken fort. Our coop is from a local cabinetmaker, but we are going to "spice" it up a bit. You can find my peeps on my blog:

    All the best!

    PetalPetal and VintageChildModern

  4. Danee from Etsy, I love your blog. What fun. I love the chickens as well. I have thought about them but right now our city is mulling over whether to allow them in the city limits. I am an avid Martha Stewart fan and always enjoy watching her beautiful chickens. I had not idea that people became obsessed but then again, I met a duckling once at my then vet's office and that little ball of fuzz came to me and "kissed" my fingers. I remember being so excited to actually interact with it. My mom had a duck as a pet growing up and tells stories of it jumping out of it's cage everyday to meet them at the corner as school got out. Amazing how smart they all are isn't it? Do you find the chickens smart like that? Can't wait to read about their arrival and the visit with Ethan.

  5. Sounds like things are moving along! Our bantams are feather footed cochins, and several look a lot like that black one shown above. It isn't so much the crowing that I mind, it's the "king of the world" complex that does me in... we've got one of those right now, not good! :)

  6. @ Danee, I sent Martha a chicken print of mine when she was incarcerated. She's an inspiration for sure.
    @simplysmitten, "king of the world" lol!

    Thanks for posting, All. xo

  7. I am enjoying all this chicken love. I have a friend here in Seattle who is raising them for the first time..and I love all the stories!