Monday, March 28, 2011

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Shipped

A bantam buff cochin posing.

Saturday when we were  leaving to pick up Ethan from the airport my phone rang:
"Hi, this is Ruth from the Post Office..."
 I think I said: "They're here!"  I had received an email from the hatchery saying they would be shipped yesterday and would arrive Sunday -Wednesday.  So much for autobot email.  I was ready with everything but securing the sides of the coop with wood to keep the temp up.  So we went to the airport, got the grandson and went to the post office. E held the chicks in the box on his lap, peeping the whole way home.

Or son and fiance came over and helped put the wood on the nursery. The chicks sat in the bathtub in their box with a lamp over it suspended from the shower rod.  I got the temp in the nursery up to 95 degrees and in they went.  A few still had their egg tooth. Which is used to peck through the shell, and then falls off.  As we were putting them in, it looked like there were more than 24.  Hmmmm.

A crazy brahma doing the chicken dance :-)
I tapped on the feeder with my finger and they all came up and started eating. Then stuck my finger in the water (which has chick starter in it) and wet a few beaks.  They began to eat and drink like they'd been doing it forever.  Pretty amazing.  As the sun went down we had a hard time keeping the temp up.  So Bob and I opened the patio doors and brought them in the livingroom for the night. Switching out the heat lamp for a smaller bulb.  Lola the cat sat on top, and Buddy the dog posed in front.  There was a lot of staring at this nursery from all the animals.  :-)
nap time 
When we changed the papers in nursery we counted the chicks as we took them out.  27 not 24.  On the invoice in the box I noticed that more Langshan  chicks had been added, as well as a "surprise exotic breed."  There is one chick with zebra stripes on it's back and a buff colored head.  I think it's a Seabright bantam.  It would be my first of that breed. 

Tonight they are back in the living room in front of the patio doors.  In the next few days I will work on making the nursery warmer, so they can stay outside at night.  It's still pretty cold here in NM and they need more insulation.  There is still so much work to do on "Fort Chicken.".  The whole family worked outside today. It was back breaking work moving tons of stones, landscaping cloth, and putting down the chicken wire.  But they all lovingly did it, as they know how happy keeping chickens has always made this mother hen.

Tomorrow night is the "Chick Party."  I am baking chick shaped sugar cookies, and egg dishes.  Good night chickens, and good night to you all.
Good Night
Thanks for reading.
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  1. When we ordered chicks they came a day early (on a Sunday when we didn't even realize there were people working at the post office!) and in stead of sending us 25... we received 50! ;)

  2. Awww.....they are darling! Such sweet little babies! Congratulations Mama!

  3. I love them, can you hold them and pet them and call them George??? I see ordering chicks in my future, but wait, my cats won't call them chicks they will call them a snack. Ok so I will just watch yours grow, please keep up up to date with occasional pics.

  4. Ooooh... what fun, though I know it's lots of work work work. Love seeing your new "kids" and hope to watch them grow! Thanks, Suz. And have a great time with them.

  5. Oh Suz, isn't it wonderful!! We used to keep laying hens and meat birds but then last year happened. However, would love to have little peepers again!!! xo

  6. They are SO adorable!! Wish I could sit down and hold them on my lap... :)

  7. Oh Suz, this is so exciting!

    I've had such fun keeping up with the "Fort Chicken" Saga, and it's not surprising that you and your family are so quick and resourceful when the unexpected happens! More please .... Meanwhile: peep peep peep!!!

  8. How wonderful, loved your story thanks for sharing. We did chickens when our kids were young. They are grown now but we are wanting to do them again.