Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chicken Club House

Inside the "club house"

Bob and I finished making the "Chicken Club House." It is made from 2 doors that were scrap.  Sort of an A-frame.  For now I have the ugly curtains that were on the nursery for warmth draped over the top.  It was all made out of scrap wood upcycled to give them a  6.5 ft. X 3ft. sleeping pen.  Next we will build the bottom square nesting box (a giant shoe box shape.)  This a-frame will serve as the roof.  They will have plenty of room to perch and sleep through the summer until eggs start to appear in September.
"Talullah" giving me the chicken eye

I feel a bit guilty and sad.  I put the two roosters that constantly fight, and 3 of the Brahma hens on Craig's List.  A lovely man is coming to get them tomorrow.  He's a deacon.  Back in Illinois I had a priest from Joliet that used to buy my fancy roosters.  He had one IN the rectory!  I have 4 Brahmas, and will keep the tamer of the 4.
Middle rooster who is leaving tomorrow.

I am still hoping to get 4-5 Australorp chicks. They would go in the nursery, until they got bigger.  They are such a big bird, that it will be easy to blend the flock when the time comes.  However, I have not heard from the man who was supposed to sell them to me at the end of May. Hmmm.

Thanks Bob!  They love their new home.

Below is the CHICKEN CAM Video:

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  1. Wow, they are getting big.... quick!

  2. Awesome!! It looks great :D The chicks are so big now! They can barely be called chicks anymore! Haha <3

    We’re going to have to giveaway out roosters too D: I hope most of our chicks are hens! We can't keep any guys- because pretty much all the bantam roosters we've had attack us & each other like crazy! It's ridiculous!


  3. P.s.
    The video is adorable! They're so cute <3
    I have a chick on my lap now- Bull- & he was wondering where all the peeping was coming from! Haha ;)

  4. Wow! They are sure growing fast! I really wish we could have them where I live, we've got the room but we're not zoned for it...ridiculous.