Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day 2011

Buddy sleeps in the cool grass.

The matriarch of our family is writing this blog.  I don't feel like one.  I've only had the title for a year and a half.  So here's the news from the current titleholder.  I wish all Mothers a day of love and respect.
Lola the Prozac cat.  She is new and improved due to modern medicine.

I am going to start my day out by letting the chicks out of their "club house", and watering the new veggie gardens.  Then I hope to have an extra cuppa, and leisurely read the Sunday New York Times.  Later in the day my son and fiance are coming over.  He and I have a date to do some chicken watching.  It's getting warm, so we will figure out a bit more shade for the chicks.  Bob will make Italian shrimp and linguine.  Later we will go see "Thor" which was filmed here in New Mexico.   I will miss seeing my daughter.  Although she sent me a gift that only someone who really knows me would give me.  I love Japanese plastic figures.  Specially the marshmallow head ones.  She got me 2 "DIY" ones that come with their own permanant markers.  I had seen them, and couldn't justify buying them for myself. I am glad she did!
"Punk Chick" a Silkie with a mohawk!
Here are some photos of the Chicks at 6 weeks.  Time flies, they are so big.  I sold 3 of the Langshan roosters and 3 nasty Brahma hens on Craigs list. We are down to 21.  Sadly, one of the buff Silkies has some neurological "tic" that makes her turn his head to the side constantly.  Her feathers are not coming in well, and I think she has little seizures as she suddenly closes his eyes in mid step and looks like she's sleeping.  It breaks my heart, as I know she will have a hard time, and be at the bottom of the pecking order.  
A chicken bath tub. Seats 2.
I am planting the veggie garden this week. Lot's of what I call "vampire gardening" will be going on.  I garden at night as my lupus, and the New Mexico heat make it nearly impossible.  At twilight I go out and work for several hours every day.  The hard labor of building and filling all the beds was done last year. We ate fresh spinach again tonight.  It tastes amazing.  I will be putting shade cloth on the other 3 sides.  It breaks the wind and keeps lots of critters out. The dried tumbleweeds will be a pricker nightmare.  However, once the shade cloth is on the sides, it will be hard for the weeds to come through.  Our mature peach tree has not a peach on it this year.  Half of it did not even leaf out.  I am sure the below temps this winter have lots to do with it.  The little apple trees I planted last year all made it and have apples on them.  Nature, one just can't predict. 
"Myster E" 
"Cosette" a French Hen who is sitting on my lap. :-)

"Gigi" another French hen, posing.

The non neurotypical silkie

Bob and I continue to go to the ceramics studio.  I took a picture of his beautiful casserole.  There is chicken marinating in it.  He bought it on the bone.  Which I have to say...I have lost a taste for. :-(
Here are the photos.  
Bob's casserole.  Feels weird posting it when there are live chickens above.

Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift. Open now!


  1. The chickens are adorable!! <3 We have the same yellow (buff) silkies as you!! But ours are younger & have more feathers already! Hehe- where did you buy your chicks? We got our chicks from Murry McMurries Hatchery :)
    Cosette is adorable! I love those striped chickens <3

    I agree- kinda weird having the casserole & the cute, live chickens on the same page... :/

  2. Sounds like you had a glorious day planned, so peaceful! The chickens look great, we also have one with 'issues'. It appears to itch constantly, even fall over, and is losing feathers along it's head. There often seems to be one... You just keep your fingers crossed that one day it heals and joins the rest of the flock! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  3. @Jordan. We go ours there too. I have to say our silkies are not very good this time. I am writing to them to let them know this line of breeding has some problems.
    @ss keeping fingers and toes crossed. Happy Moms day to you!