Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Love

I am changing my Facebook profile to this pic of Talullah. !

I am not going to hold back.  No self editing, shoulds, wouldas, the straight story.
I am in love with my chickens.  I will post pictures and try not to gush like the obnoxious grandma ("G-Dawg") I am.   I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!
Giving me Chicken Eye Contact

She's really feathering out nicely.

 "Irma" a black Cochin hen

Thanks for reading.
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  1. they have really grown! I can't believe it. I enjoy your somewhat obsessive love for them. It reminds me of my sister- she HATED my great pyranees and was super anti-pet. I got a bunny and her kids begged and begged for one. She always told them that her husband was allergic to rabbits. Her son, age 8, always had a thing with my bunny- a little bond if you will. So she asked to "borrow" Rufus for a few weeks…that was 8 months ago. I get texts from my sister with "cute" photos of Rufus or funny stories. He is so much calmer around them, interacts a lot more, comes out of hiding to sit next to them- something he never did here. The entire family is head-over-heels with this bunny including the dad. Go figure right. Now my husband is willing to get another dog since the bunny is gone so I am happy as well.

  2. We are getting chickens today too! I am so excited. My eldest son is 7 and there are 9 boys in his class in school. Five of them have hens and sell the eggs to neighbours and relations for pocket money.
    We are getting 4 point of lay pullets today and hopefully will have fresh eggs by mid-summer! We'll be comparing our 'Chicken Love' pictures!

  3. Jelly Beans, I know another family that a rabbit became their unexpected beloved pet. :-)
    Louise, how exciting! Give them lots of hand feeding time, as they need to bond. Congrats!

  4. They are so beautiful and tame. Luke has already named two of them.... Henny Penny and Chicken Little :-)

  5. They are pretty. For chickens. I bought a picture of a chicken once that I thought was pretty.


  6. Lol ~ love the profile pic!! :) Lovin' all creatures, large and small, is what it's all about. I, for one, am so glad your chickens are adored! :)

  7. Tallulah is getting so big! She looks like she has quite the personality. Irma looks like a hoot!