Thursday, May 26, 2011

From The Garden

The Crows greet me daily at the gate.
This spring has been a tough one.  The winds have blown 40-50 miles an hour.  The temps were warm in April, and then near freezing in May.  Gardening in New Mexico is a humbling experience for even the most seasoned gardner.  I had to enclose the large back garden on 3 sides with shade cloth.  Partly for sun protection, and partly for a wind break.  I planted tomatoes, and they were instantly bleached by the sun.  We moved the shade square umbrellas (see photo) to the back. I rotate my tomato crop.
Shade cloth and umbrellas up to brace against elements.
Most of the seeds are in.  Beans, cucumbers, mustard greens, broccoli raab, lettuces, beets, radish, eggplant, green chili, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, flat parsley, onions, chives, chard, spinach, peas.  There are a few more seeds to plant.  I will have to get more tomato plants from the farmers market, as I think some of mine that got bleached won't make it.
onions,spinach,sugar snap peas, radishes in small garden
A crazy bug of recycled materials
pea delicate
Our newest tenants Karen and Lloyd have been a helpful duo from above.  Their yard is really been cut back, and Karen is taking up the grass bit by bit.  I hope to have it with flagstone and perennials by end of summer. Lloyd ("yoid" the Spanish pronunciation) is very tall. He is able to prune trees without a ladder.  Amazing.  Bob and I feel blessed to have them here as friends also.  Karen is an excellent cook and we have shared many a meal and lively discussions on the patio.  She refers to herself as "Prunella" because she has pruned most of the trees and vines.
Karen attacking the grass!
"Yoid" pitching branches in the arroyo

Sadly we lost our big peach tree near the pool.  Our below zero temps and the idiot who planted it so close to the house/pool took it from us.   I will miss it, but not the constant dropping of peaches in the pool area. 
the end of the peach tree :-(
chard, leeks, radishes for dinner
oil lamps I will recycle for garden markers in my Etsy shop.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. Looks like everything is coming along nicely. :) We had a chilly spring here in Ct, seemed much colder for much longer. We went form 40's to hot and humid in the span of a week, still trying to catch up... ;)

  2. Fascinating - what an amazing place to live, and a challenging place to garden! Here in the UK we just have rain, rain, rain and wind to contend with! Erika Price Jewellery