Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's A Beautiful Life

The Silkie Sisters

In spite of New Mexico's very harsh spring.  We have managed a few great days.  This week we were putting a washer and dryer in the guest house.  For Bob this means no more cutting through the shop for our tenants to do laundry.  That will give him great peace, as he doesn't like to be interrupted.  The electrician and plumbers came the same day as "Dave the Neanderthal Pool Man."  Dave opens and closes the pool every year.  However, this year he couldn't get the pilot light to stay lit. 
Frame on hinges before netting was put on.

Between the washer/dryer installation and Dave, I thought Bob would lose his mind.   What started out as a gorgeous Spring day, ended with what I call a "hemorrhage of money."  The dryer needed a bigger breaker, and there were none left in the box.  Dave left us with a cold pool, and no definite answer as to needing a new heater.  The next day Dave arrived with a new part. The guys finished the installation.  Neither of us got much work done.  Life.
Rose bushes will provide shade, and predator protection.
The morning started out with a garden work, and a chicken visit.  I was working in the garden, watering the newly planted rose bushes, and mulching strawberries.  Our tenant Karen was hanging wash outside wearing her apron.  I was feeding the chickens bread scraps.  We looked as if we had stepped back in time.  I snapped a picture of her and some of the chickens, as well as the roses, and new strawberry patch anti bird netting frame.  It's hinged, so I can lift it up the frame to harvest and work. Brilliant!
Karen hanging the wash...cutie pie.

In spite of the speed bumps we hit, I feel life is pretty wonderful.  I love my morning routine of watering and feeding.  Karen is a gardener and chicken lover. She's helped so much with yard work, and I look forward to more side by side gardening, and chickening.  It's nice to have a tenant who also feels like a neighbor.  It's a beautiful life.
Talullah being silly. 
Talullah again, what a poser.
I checked the pool, and it's warm and ready.  However it's been raining here on and off all day (not complaining), and it barely cracked 50 degrees.  Not exactly swimming weather. :-)

Thanks for reading. Each day is a gift, open now.

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  1. What a wonderful post, overflowing with gratitude. It is indeed a beautiful life. :)