Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Water For Elephants

I saw the movie "Water For Elephants" last week.  In a few weeks I am going on my first trip ever, with my Grandson Ethan alone.  He has always loved elephants .  I think it's because every children's alphabet book has an elephant for the letter E.  Perhaps giving suggestion.  It really doesn't matter.  They are wise powerful creatures, and he knows that.
From the Etsy shop of AmberAlexander.  I bought these prints for E. He loves her elephant art.

I wanted to see this movie because of our trip.  I had avoided reading the book, as a trip to Borders years ago was met with a woman sobbing reading it.  I am a tough audience.  Working in the movies changed my perspective of how I see them.  At a boring movie I find myself counting camera angles or shots.  Continuity really drives me crazy.  Like when an actor is wearing a watch, and the camera turns around and he's not wearing it. Buttons and mic packs make me want to scream: "hold the roll!"  "Water For Elephants" afforded none of that.  I was mesmerized from beginning to end.  In my mind, the Elephant stole every scene he/she was in.  There is painful cruelty to animals, specially performing animals that is hard to watch.  Here's the link to the trailer:

Our trip is to San Andreas California where there is a performing animal rescue "PAWS" that has rescued many elephants.   We get to spend the day with the elephants.  We will stay with my friends who live there (and have gone before) at their ranch.  We'll also see the "Big Trees".  I can't wait.  Ethan is 13, and an old soul.  It will be fun to see it through his eyes. I have never been to anything like this.  So it will be all new to me also.

If you can, go see the movie.
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  1. That sounds amazing, what an adventure that will be! I read the book several years ago and love, loved it. I'm glad the movie does it justice. :)

  2. I have not seen the movie yet, but the book was wonderful!