Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Trees

The Dogwoods were just beginning to show their colors.
We have just come back from visiting Big Trees, the Sequoias in northern California.  We stayed at our friends ranch while we were there: Scott and Barbara Slobodian.  Scott is a Japanese sword maker, and his wife Barbara an engraver.  Barbara fixed us beautiful meals.  We enjoyed their two Rotties, and a young Great Dane.  As you know I broke my foot before our trip.  But I "played through" walking a mile long trail with a cane and boot.
Grandma and Ethan in the drive through tree.

The weather in California was cold and rainy.  When I booked the trip months ago I expected hot and dry.  The trees defy description.  Really.  One has a feeling of Natural History taking place right before their eyes.  I loved seeing Ethan's face as he eyed these giants.  They are magnificent in every way.  I knew he would be impressed, and he was.
One of E's photos with new camera.
E in the fallen tree.

Me taking a picture of Scott taking a picture of E tree hugging.
Barbara taking a picture of me taking her picture!

There was a car trip out to dinner with "Cochise" their 2 year old Boston Great Dane, and Kiowa their Rottie/Australian Shepard.  Cochise was rescued from a horrid past. He was shy, and didn't like eye contact.  We would say to each other: "I don't see anything." :-)  We began referring to him as 140lbs of invisibility. Eventually he began to trust us.  Sitting on Ethan's lap for the 1/2 hour car trip!
140lbs of invisibility :-)

Ethan has quite an eye. So I handed down my set camera that has taken thousands of continuity photos for TV/Movie work.  The beauty of digital is that there are no mistakes.  Only deletes.  He went to town with it, and got quite a few stunning photos.  I taught him how to use iPhoto in the airport on our way home.  The proud Grandma thinks he will do right by his new camera.  It has great history.  He practiced on the "trees" in preparation for seeing the Elephants the next day.  That will be my next blog.
E in the trees.
E's photo of tree tops
Abe framed in a knot. Ethan composition again.

 Thanks for reading. Each day is a gift, open now.
xo, Suz


  1. Wow, those trees are amazing, really unbelievable! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip, can't wait to see the elephants next! Bet the chickens missed you... ;)

  2. It looks like you had a grand time.....broken foot and all!

  3. haven't been on your blog for a while..or on my own for that matter. Looks like a lovely trip. Hope all is well.