Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Runaway Chair

I write this from beneath a cloud of ash. The Los Alamos fire is not contained. The wind shifted directions and all the smoke has come our way.  Our beautiful mountain view and valley are gone. We have a sort of fog...but it's gritty and oppressive.  The town of Los Alamos has been evacuated.  There isn't a prayer of stopping this fire without a downpour from above.  My heart and prayers go out for the residents there. The Red Cross and National Guard are there. A red sun sunset is promised again tonight.
I am wearing Mayan jade beads Bob got in Guatemala.  Special occasions only. Taken after the wedding.

Last Friday, in 100 degree weather I went to a wedding in the South Valley. A man who I worked with in the movie biz was getting married. Joe and Melissa had a traditional Catholic wedding.  Charlie Z offered to help me get there in spite of my wheelchair bound self.  Having this broken foot has given me a new awareness for those who are not foot abled.  I do love the power chairs for grocery shopping, and big box stores.  They have allowed me to go where without these battery operated vehicles, I could not go.
Jesus seems to really be enjoying the latin words sung by the mariachi band.
Charlie and I pulled up to the church just in the nick of time.  Accidents and construction delayed us.  No problem getting the chair out of the car and me in it, Charlie wheeled me toward the church.  When we got to the steps of the church...no ramp.  Stairs flanked by 45 degree angled cement slopes.  Charlie said: "we're going up!"  He backed the chair up to get a running start and pushed me up the steep slope.  The groomsmen saw us coming and were holding the door open.  We reached the top only to catch the wheel in a crack.  The chair started rolling backward and Charlie exclaimed: "oh no!"  I thought we were going to roll back down the hill, with me running over him with my runaway chair. He caught the chair and slowly pushed me toward the crack. A groomsman grabbed the chair and pulled me up and over, Charlie hanging on.  I know how to make an entrance !!
The luckiest woman in the South Valley

The mariachi band started to play as we found our seats.  Joe saw us and came to me, tears in his eyes:
"Susi, you made it."  I don't think he knew about our recent experience.  :-)   The most unusual Catholic ceremony proceeded.  I cried when I saw Joe's chin quiver when he saw his bride. His mother, also a Susie and I really struck up an unexpected friendship at the wedding reception.  Upon leaving the church Charlie Z slowly backed me down the steep slope.  He said he invisioned the chair careening down Isletta Boulevard like some runaway train. 

My congrats and love to the newlyweds.  Our love for Joe made the extra mile worth it.  My gratitude to Charlie Z for pushing his friend around for the night. 
Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift. Open now.

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