Friday, July 1, 2011

From The Garden To The Table

Onion tarte in a casserole thrown by Bob and glazed by me.
Onions, radishes, chard, peas, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and mustard greens have all been happily eaten. I bogart the strawberries when I am out in the garden.  The ever bearing varieties are bearing...even in 100 degree heat. The fire in Los Alamos looks like it will be contained soon.  Smoke still hangs in the air. 4th of July is this weekend.  Of course only an idiot will set off any fireworks in New Mexico.  I'm sure there will be a few.
Covered cheese dish, that was supposed to be a butter dish! Ethan's blue bowl.
 I have been cooking from the garden.  Onion tarte from days of French cooking has mad perfect use of our gorgeous white onions.  Bob dips radishes in salt and olive oil nightly.  I am using our pottery we have made in ceramics to bake and serve in.  It's really meaningful to set a table with items you have made.  This is something new, and very rewarding.

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  1. haven't been checkin onn blogs lately, Suz, yours or my own!! But nopw, I'm bsack and aiming to see what people are up to. Sounds scrumptious and marvelous to bake and serve in pottery you've made!