Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunsets and Elephants

facing west at 6pm
The huge Arizona fire that started 10 days ago is still raging out of control. We get these plumes of smoke and ash when the wind kicks up.  Advised by the NWS to close windows, turn off coolers.  The sky gets to be a strange color and the sun and the moon turn orange.  It's a bit post apocolyptic looking.  The heaviness of the ash in the air, and the mountains and valley disappear from view.  I have only had my phone on me when I have seen these red sunsets.
Ethan and Nicholas in the pouring rain.
I haven't had a moment to write a proper elephant blog. However, I will share a few pics from our trip.
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  1. It does give the sky a strange and eerie feel... I can't wait to read about the elephants, the pictures are enough to tide me over. ;)