Thursday, July 28, 2011

Talullah and Little Missy

Talullah talking to me on my lap.

Today we are rehoming one of the Silkie roosters. A woman who has chickens said she wanted another rooster.  So...the better of the two is leaving in a cat carrier. :-)  He never got a name, and when I put him in the cat carrier he did typical rooster behavior and force his way out.  I have seen roosters at chicken shows kill themselves trying to get out of the cage.  He calmed down and is sitting in our air conditioned shop waiting for his ride in a cat carrier.  I put in some water and food, but he's not touching it.  I hope he's okay.
Little Missy a bantam buff Cochin sitting on me.

Talullah and Little Missy continue to show me more love and affection than our cat.  I sit in my folding chair in their run, and one sits on one leg, one sits on the other.  Occasionally while sitting on my thighs great jealousy erupts and one starts pecking the other, until they hop down.  They are very vocal, and I do the baby thing and say: "Oh really, you don't say" they are really talking to me.  You can see how red their combs and waddles are getting.  Their backs are also broadening as they get ready to lay.

Click on the link above to see a 19 second video of Little Miss and Talullah on my lap.

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  1. Funny, nice hens on your lap :) Their feathers are wonderful

  2. Awww, they're so sweet! That’s exactly what Ruthy and Joyce (and Benjamin, and Sugar, and Bingo... ;) do to me! ♥ And believe it or not- Ruthy's nickname is Missy xD Cute, cute :)
    So, do you have normal chickens and bantams?

    Hope the little rooster has a nice home! ♥ I'm sure he's fine... just a little shaken up right now! Hahah, it's funny to think of a chicken without a name ;)