Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Farm Morning

New typewriter, Bob's latest mug, and architectural salvage.

Here are some photos I took early this morning out with the chickens and at the gardens.  Of course my furry shadow Buddy follows me everywhere.  He sits outside the chicken coop and licks his lips as he watches the chickens move around.
"Loving Frank" a still life including our bowl from ceramics
Little Missy, Irma, and Goldie
"Biggie Small" and "Talullah"
Full petticoat

I am finally taking photos of the wood printing blocks  and architectural salvage I will sell in my Etsy shop The Polkadot Magpie.  I am really enjoying shooting them.  You get a bit of an idea of the items around my house.
Corn, cukes, strawberries

Lettuce row

I bought a vintage typewriter on Etsy.  A 1940's black, heavy, and needing a bit of work...but soon to be typing brilliant :-) quips for my artwork and cards. 
Buddy guarding the tomatoes

Summer is 2/3 over...I can't believe it.  The garden is starting to produce much more than we can eat. So canning and freezing are on the horizon. 
Vintage salvage propped with Ethan's latest bowls from ceramics

Thanks for reading.  Each day is a gift. Open now!

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