Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 259 What's Up Doc ?

Day 259
Sam is  checking Andrei Marchenko, CNP who is my primary care giver.  His office is called:
MEDICUS.  Located at Morris and Montgomery. He takes most insurance.  We love him, and his staff (you can almost see Marianna).

Exciting news: at the same location Andrei is opening  MEDICUS EXPRESS CARE, a walk in clinic.   Thanks Andrei for filling a need for the North East Heights! We needed this. The clinic opens August 15th, 2013.
copyright 2013 polkadot magpie
copyright 2013 Polkadot Magpie
Sam looks at one of the medical models. She thought Karl Olga would like this guy. Thanks Andrei for playing along!

10401 Montgomery Parkway NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111
M-S:  9AM to 9PM
Sun: 9AM-5PM

Each day is  a gift, open now.

Name those 3 skellies and win a photo of your choice from Sam's Etsy shop!

Name that skeleton !

So it's time for a contest, which I don't do very often.  I need to name the 3 new skeletons I bought at Costco.  Although they are not anatomically incorrect, I feel they look like boys.  So I am looking for 3 boys names.  I will give a free 8-10 photo of your choice from SamieSam's shop on Etsy:  Or click on the boxes in the right hand corner to get to her shop.


1. Leave a comment below with a link from an item you like from  Sam's Etsy shop: copied and pasted into the comment.

 2. NAMES !! I will choose the 3 names, and give a signed photo to each name winner. You may enter more than once with a different name suggestion. If I choose more than one of your names, you get more than one photo!

3.  Contest ends August 30th at midnight mountain time.  

Easy right?

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