Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 258 Sam Visits A Spectactular Garden

Day 258

Our neighbors Wendy and Clay built a fabulous raised bed garden this spring.  I can see if from our side yard. Every morning when I am out watering my vegetable garden and feeding the chickens I can hear their roosters crowing, and I look over to see if Wendy is out watering. She is usually joined by several of their five beautiful children, a chicken or two, and "Hopper" the bunny.
An old ladder is used as a trellis for squash.
It's so important to me to teach another generation how to grow food. Wendy has been eager to learn. Clay has been a diligent soldier who battled the rough terrain of New Mexico to secure a place for her grow their vegetable garden.  They have only just begun their yard plan, and it's fascinating to watch it come to life.  They have a great sense of landscape design, as well as true genius that each of them bring to this project.
Sam hangs out at the bean teepee that the kids play in.
They used 80 feet of their east property line to create a narrow plot that has one main isle with raised beds on both sides.  A side and end gate give them easy access. Shade cloth triangles overhead protect it from the brutal sun that can fry a plant in an Albuquerque afternoon. A small chicken coop houses some of their fancy poultry.
Sam and I love to visit their garden.  I delight in their hard work, and creativity.  It's inspirational!
A side view, and you can see the chickens on bug patrol.
I still have to add a photo of the view looking west at sunset from the garden.  It's breath taking.

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Easy right?

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  1. Yeah. Thank you for your kind words. In turn, my kids love to see you when we are in our garden. Thank you for passing on your wisdom to me. Love you lots!